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Friday, May 2 

Don't Point That At Me, It Might Be Loaded

The guy pictured above, 60 year old Greg Kachka, a Vietnam Vet and apparently concerned citizen, is being charged with two counts of disorderly conduct. For wearing that shirt and daring to point at someone while he was talking.
A Vietnam veteran is in hot water with Island Lake officials over his gestures and choice of clothing during a board meeting last month.

Greg Kachka, 60, faces a pair of misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges after Trustee Debbie Herrmann and Village Clerk Christy Kaczmarek complained they felt threatened by his actions.
So to recap; trustee makes faces at citizen, citizen points at her while arguing, trustee presses charges for disorderly conduct because he was wearing a sniper shirt while pointing and the police go along with it?

Maybe I'm mistaken, but don't we still live in America? I mean, at least until November, anyway. Suddenly it's illegal to use your hands when speaking? If that's the case, I work with a few people that will be doing life.

h/t Sharp As A Marble

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Thanks for posting this. There is a group of us that are selling replicas of the T-Shirt that Greg is wearing to raise money for his defense fund. T-Shirts can be purchased throught he following link:


Thanks for your support

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