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Wednesday, April 16 

Eight Year Old Divorces In Yemen

Take a good look at the little girl in that picture. That is eight year old Nojud Mohammed Ali, elementary school student, and recent divorcè.
Nojud Mohammed Ali said she was forced to marry under an agreement reached between her unemployed father and 28-year-old former husband, Faez Ali Thameur, earlier this year, AFP reported.
Be sure to remember that part. She was married to him when she was 8, and he was 28. Of course, it's only an arranged marriage, and she'll live with her parents until she's 18, and can then go off to live with her new husband. Only it didn't quite work out that way.
"They asked me to sign the marriage contract and remain in my father's house until I was 18," the girl told AFP. "But a week after signing, my father and my mother forced me to go live with him."
An entire week went by before she was sent to live with her new husband, who I'm sure treated her with the care and respect one would expect for an 8-year old bride. One would be mistaken.
Thameur told a judge that he married Nojud with her consent and her parents', and that the marriage "was consummated, but I did not beat her." He did not object to the divorce petition.
So, the marriage was consumated, but he never beat her, so you know, that's okay then. Nothing to see her. Move along.

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