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Sunday, April 13 

Have We Really Come To This?

Remember the girls arrested for recording their ambush last week? Well, they're back in the news. This time because one of Dr. Phil's staffers paid her bail, and then tried to prevent any other reporters from speaking to her as she left the court room.
The Dr. Phil representative was waiting by the jail's exit, and when Nichols walked out, he tried to block Tampa TV station camera people from getting video of Nichols and her family leaving jail.
At least the show fessed up to it and is now saying that the staffer "violated their policies" and won't be going forward with that show.

But seriously, how desperate do you have to be for ratings to pull the stunts he's been pulling lately. First he visits that train wreck Britney in the hospital, now the show is posting bail for psycho teens. He's just a few ratings points away from hosting "Who's my baby's daddy" shows, or even putting on the fat, toothless rednecks to fight over their man like they do on Springer.

At least his personal life is working out well for him. Oh wait, I forgot about that. I always thought she was too hot for him anyway.

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Is "dotspotter" a reliable source of information? Just wondering...

I'm quite sure it's not, but the original story is from Globe Magazine. Still not the heighth of journalistic quality, but it makes for a fun story, anyway.

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