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Tuesday, April 8 

It Happened To People Like Us

If you haven't seen the new MTV ads about the Holocaust, I'm putting them here so you can check them out. After you watch them, I have a few thoughts.

First off, they are pretty well done. Very slick, especially the way each one ends with a recreation of an actual Holocaust photograph. The fact that they use modern day scenarios with modern weapons puts it into a light where you can actually relate to it. I've seen literally thousands of Holocaust photographs over the years, and no matter how they make your skin crawl, you simply cannot imagine how that happens.

But the truth is that these types of atrocities can happen anywhere. Look around the world, it already is. Not with the same ruthless efficiency*, but millions of people are slaughtered world wide by their fellow countrymen, all because they look different or pray to a different god, or some other ridiculous reason.

It could happen here, too. And no, I'm not talking about Bush. I know many on the left try to paint him as Hitler-esque, ready to trample our civil rights and start carting all the atheists off to reeducation camps at the drop of a hat, but the truth is he could never pull it off. Leaders who accomplish these types of atrocities are well spoke, charismatic leaders who are, and here's the kicker, beloved by most of the population. Just look at Hitler. Or Idi Amin. Or Yasser Arafat. Charismatic leaders who convinced the population that better days were ahead, if only they could get rid of that segment of the population that was holding them back.

As far as I'm concerned, the national Democratic party holds a much closer resemblance to this mold than the Republicans. Preach hope and change, all the while bashing those who would hold you back, but especially "the rich", or "the White Mantm", or any other segment of the population that can be held up as the oppressors.

The single largest advantage we have in the United States is that we have that pesky little 2nd amendment to deal with. You see, we have an armed populace. Whoever is in power, right or left, if they try to subjugate the populace, they are going to have a whole lot of pissed off, armed citizens to deal with. And that, my friends, is a good thing.

In the end, these ads may be some subversive plot by the left-leaning within MTV to paint Bush, Cheney, et al with the brush of fascism, but I think they can also have real educational value. I'll be making sure my children see them, followed by a discussion of what led up to Hitler's rise in Germany as well as the atrocities that were overlooked by the vast majority of the German populace.

I hope you do the same.

H/T to The Rottie and Hot Air.

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These are quite well done. I wish I didn't know that they were produced by MTV, because I might not have been so suspicious.

Still, the obvious question it seems to me is, why this topic, and why now? Frankly, it is hard to escape the sense that these are an effort to paint our military as part of a fascist wing that, when they're done with the arabs, may just come for you.

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