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Tuesday, April 8 

The Problems With America, Part 3,000

Stories like this indicate just what is going wrong with American culture.
When 16-year-old Victoria Lindsay arrived at her friend's house where she had been staying, six girls were waiting. Immediately, they started yelling and one girl began pummeling the victim.


In fact, the sheriff said, Lindsay was lured into the home for the sole purpose of capturing and posting the video on the Internet. According to the sheriff's office arrest affidavit, Lindsay told deputies they "were going to post the beating on MySpace and YouTube."
Six girls inside waiting to beat this poor girl while two guys wait outside, playing lookout.

I have a couple of questions about the whole thing.

1. Does no one in the neighborhood notice all these people going in the house, with two guys playing lookout? You can't fart on my street without the blue hairs across the street knowing about it.

2. Where are the parents? Does no one keep track of what their kids are doing any more?

3. They were planning on posting these on their myspace page. Hey parents, do you ever check out your kids myspace page to see what kind of shit they are posting, or do you just wonder along all happy-go-luck because you're convinced your kids would never be doing something on there that you wouldn't approve of.

Follow up comment. If it had been my daughter, there is a very good chance it would have been me in jail instead of them, because I would have beat the living shit out of the whole lot; male or female. I'm the overly protective type. I've taken beatings for people I barely knew, and I've dished out a few standing up for people I barely knew. I don't know what I would do were it someone that close to me.

Parents, make sure you're teaching your kids to not be so trusting. Chances are Victoria had a pretty good idea that these girls weren't exactly her BFFs. Don't let yourself be lured into being fodder for the next youtube junkie who wants to make a name for him/herself.

I'll bet those girls laugh every time they see the video running on the news. They've gotten the fame they wanted. I hope they get all the attention they could ever want once they're locked up.

h/t Scott


these girls and boys need the shit kicked out of them.if it was my child this was done to,i would hurt who ever did it.

these kids need to go to jail

I saw that. It made me sick.

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