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Monday, April 7 

No No No No No

This is a crime against humanity.
Bremen officials say the northern city-state will be Germany's first to impose a general speed limit on its autobahn.

State environment minister Rainer Loske is saying Monday that cars will have to keep to 120 kilometers per hour (75 miles per hour) for environmental reasons. The measure takes effect Wednesday.
Let me tell you now, there is nothing in this world like driving on the autobahn. I've seen beautiful, sunny days, the blue sky above me as I pushed my BMW 525 to it's limits. Usually around 240kph. Those same days were usually met with flashing headlights as even larger BMWs, Mercedes and Audis flew past me like I was in reverse. And on one particular day I had a Ferrari Testarrosa pass me going at least 170mph. That guy was flat out moving.

Speed limits on the autobahn. Dogs and cats living together. It's the apocalypse.


This is further proof that Europe is being overrun by pussies. I've never driven the autobahn, and now I wonder if I ever will.

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