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Tuesday, April 1 

How Dare You Make A Profit?

Oil execs are appearing on capital hill today to explain just why they have the nerve to be in business and make a profit. I mean, I know we live in a supposedly capitalistic society, but how dare they have the nerve to try to make enough money to fund R&D, fund their retirement plans, pay their employees, provide for the cost of doing business, and expect to actually make a profit for their share holders on top of that. That is clearly just evil.

So, let's take a look at their "giant" profits.

click to enlarge

Full report available here. .pdf
As you can see, oil / natural gas is actually #10 on the list. I don't see them hauling in the CEOs of the Apparel and Leather Products industry to explain why they made an 8.0% profit when Oil and Natural Gas made 7.6%. But it's harder to make a villain out of the guy responsible for your leather chaps with the ass cut out than it is for the guy providing the gas you use to power your SUV.

This country is swiftly moving towards socialism, and this is just the latest clue as to what our leaders really want. Our country is based on equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. If these execs are getting the oil into the country, refining it, providing it to customers and the customers are willing to pay the going rate, then get the hell off of their backs. It's called a free market. If you don't like the prices they charge, find an alternative or start your own damn company to compete with them.

Speaking of which, maybe you caught this on the Today Show this morning.

So, evil gas station owner is charging $5.39 a gallon for gas because he's the only gas station around. Apparently he's supposed to feel bad for living by supply and demand. He has the only supply, so he can damn well charge whatever he demands. Again, if you don't like it, maybe someone ought to have the balls to open a competing station and drive down prices.

Here's a simply analogy for you; ever been to a sporting event where they serve alcohol? Ever notice that the plastic bottle of beer that you would pay a couple bucks for if you bought it in a case and drank it at home now costs you $6 to $8 a beer? Why is congress not pulling those vendors in and quizzing them about their insane profits? On top of that, they have a monopoly because you don't have the option of bringing in your own drinks. This is an outrage. It hurts the poor people who can't afford tickets and a few beers. We need to take care of this.. for the children.

If we really want to see gas prices come down, there is a very simple formula. Nuclear power, more refineries, and drilling in ANWAR, off the coast and this.

This is just one more example of our liberal, risk-adverse society. If we build new refineries, there is a chance that there may be an accident at some point. We are unwilling to accept any risk, so we just don't build. If we drill for oil, there is always the chance that at some point there will be a spill. Never mind that we have some of the strictest environment standards in the world, meaning the chances for accident are much lower than forcing the oil companies to continue to explore in third world countries. But what the hell, what's a few thousand dead brown people compared to ensuring our country never has any accidents. That, my friends, is the basis of liberal theology. Screw everyone else as long as we're safe.

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Just once, I'd like to see an Oil exec have the balls to bring a graph like this and rub these CongressVermins' faces into it for the cameras and really call them on the carpet for their idiocy. And while they are at it, take the opportunity to school the morons watching about the difference between profit and profit margin. Just once I'd like them to stand up for themselves and the free market and make some senetor explain why they are on this particular witch hunt.

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