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Monday, April 7 

Finally, Someone Prosecuted For Desecrating The Flag

Oh wait, it's still okay to do whatever you want to the American flag. He was prosecuted for desecrating the Mexican flag.
On September 18, 2007, veteran Peter Lynch noticed a Mexican flag hanging from a flagpole outside Scholes Hall Monday at the UNM campus. Lieutenant Pat Davis of the UNM Police Department testified that when Lynch saw the Mexican flag flying without an American flag, which is improper flag etiquette, he first reported it to the office of UNM’s Dean of Students, then to the Officer of Veteran Affairs. They would not act on the illegal display of the Mexican flag, so Lynch took it down and tore it and took it to the Air Force ROTC office.
In case anyone is unclear, if you fly a foreign flag over U.S. soil unaccompanied by an American flag, it can be considered an act of war or that the territory is occupied and under foreign control. Actually, I think this student group would like to see that territory under foreign control, but we can discuss La Raza and Reconquista another day. If a U.S. citizen does it, it can be considered an act of treason.

Now, before anyone gets their panties in a wad, it's one thing to hang the flag of your ancestry in front of your home, or in the back window of your car. Hell, I have flags from Germany, Mexico, Italy and the former D.D.R. (East Germany) in my home. However, it is quite a different matter for a student group to fly a foreign flag on the university flag pole and to have the university's "leadership" ignore complaints by veterans.

Veterans take an oath to defend this country, and this Airman was doing what he thought was necessary. Should he have torn the flag in half? Probably not, but anti-war protesters do far worse to the American flag every day, and people line up to defend their right to be idiots. So where are the supporters lining up to defend Airman Lynch?

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