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Tuesday, April 15 

The Caring And All Inclusive Left Wing

HuffPo has a piece up about Laura Bush guest hosting The Today Show next week. The piece in and of itself isn't anything political. It just announces the fact that she will be guest hosting and giving a tour of their ranch. It's the comments, as usual, where the fun begins.
That's it. I'm through with the Today Show. Highlighting this woman who stands behind the worst president in the history of the United States is pandering to the right. What exactly has this superficial excuse for First Lady done? Since she has adopted Education as her cause the only thing I'm aware of is her participating in a superficial Teacher of The Year award and trying to promote reading to Barney. What about the failed No Child Left Behind? What about the 25% of high school students in this country never making it to graduation? Or the huge classrooms? Or lack of educational resources? Or low pay for teachers? Or the high incidence of STD's in our teens? Not a word. What a Stepford Wife except she gives that stereotype a bad name. And how this woman can be married to a man that has caused so much death and destruction and raped our financial health is sickening. As harsh as this sounds, if Today were transmitting in Nazi Germany they would probably have Meredith and Matt cheerfully banter superficailly with Eva Braun. No wonder most Americans are fed up with this drivel that attempts to masquerade as serious journalism. Shame on all those involved with this mind numbing nonsense.
That's what I enjoy about politics. A reasoned and well thought out discussion of the relevant topics of the day. Like comparing Laura Bush to Eva Braun. Because, you know, Bush is Hitler and all that.

I can feel the rainbows and puppies coming on any second now.

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