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Thursday, May 8 

Si, Se Puede!

Despite any real agenda, the cult of Obama just keeps growing. If you want to be a little scared, go read the comments on this site. I imagine you could have found similar comments on a Jim Jones site in the 70's, were something like the Internet to exist back then.
Rose Taylor Says:
on May 8th, 2008 at 11:18 am

I''m 51 years old and this is my first time ever voting....thanks to my daughter. I am indeed ready for change, I feel Obama is a breath of fresh air. I pray for him and his family cause they have a long road ahead of them. God is opening up doors for a New Leader........ Thank You for change.
Let me say, if you're 51 years old and you've never thought enough about politics to vote even once in all that time, don't bother now. You're an idiot. You've lived a life determined by others, and by politicians elected by people who either care more than you do, so they actually take the time to learn about issues and vote for who they think is best, or they have acted like you are now, voting out of blind emotion.

Change! and Hope! are not issues. Hitler offered change and hope for Germany and we see how well that turned out for them. What matters are the ideas behind the changiness and hope-i-tude.

Something I find amusing about the "We Are The Ones" video is the fact that they spout off about how Obama won't be in the pocket of the rich or the special interestes, etc., but everyone in that video is a multi-millionaire. I mean, isn't it about time they had someone they could all get behind? Because no one in Hollywood has ever found a Democrat appealing enough to campaign for. I'm glad to see all this changiness coming around in my lifetime. I was worried we would never know who Jessica Alba was supporting.

Because, you know, having a nice ass definitely makes you an authority on who I should be voting for. I'll be sure to follow her orders immediately.

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