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Thursday, March 6 

The Brewing Tsunami Of Hope And Change

It seems that those peace-loving followers of hope and change aren't so peaceful after all.

Reading the comments from those ready to start a riot should Clinton take the nomination both amuses me and terrifies me.

It terrifies me because this is how we're raising our children, or allowing them to be raised by the state. War is bad, but throwing stones at a convention if you don't like the outcome is okay. You know, because "No Justice" = "No Peace".

Amused because it's fun to watch the types who want to form drum circles outside recruiting stations and pray to gaia for peace on earth are the first ones to threaten violence if you don't adopt the view of the world.

No matter what happens, it's going to be fun to watch the next 8 months.

By the way, if you want to read what they have to say for themselves, check out their site: "Recreate '68".

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It's easy and fun to sneer at idealism, isn't it? And it's especially fun when you can generalize about a whole large group of people by looking at the most extreme, tiny subset. That way, you don't have to engage in anything like a thought process.

I'd like you to show me a single Obama supporter forming drum circles outside recruiting stations and praying to Gaia for peace. Then, I'd like some evidence that it's those gentle souls who are going to react with violence if they don't get their way.

Your hatred of liberals is causing you to see things that don't exist, Frank. There's a lot of that over on your side of the aisle. It's why conservatism -- born of full engagement with reality -- is crashing and burning. Eventually, people understand that your hallucinations aren't real. Then they stop listening.

You keep arguing the case against drum circles. See how far it gets you.

Actually, I have a post planned for this weekend about what I like about Obama's idealism. The problem I have with his idealism is not the message of hope and change, it's the vehicle that he wants to use for that message; namely kissing the ass of every dictator out there, declaring surrender in Iraq (although we found out today that when he says he'll withdraw from Iraq, he doesn't really mean it), and his various other liberal talking points.

Now as to the drum circle crowd, the Code Pink types have been becoming increasingly violent, blocking recruiting stations, and all but attacking people that disagree with them, some nutjob, whether part of the crowd or just inspired by it, bombing the recruiting station in Times Square, and now this group that threatens to recreate '68. I don't think we can accuse them of being fringe elements when so many within the Democratic party are openly embracing these whackos.

In case you've missed it, here are a couple of videos of the "peaceful protests" in Berkely.

Blocking the recruiting station in Berkely
students at the Berkely protest chase a Republican down the street and threaten him but claim police brutality when they are stopped from harming him.

I don't have a hatred of liberals. In fact some of my closest friends are very liberal. The difference is that they have reasoned arguments for what they believe. I respect their ideas, although I disagree with them. Much the same way I feel about you most of the time. But when so many in a particular party are out committing these acts, you have to wonder just how fringe they are any more.

You know, the same you have painted the entire Republican party as being anti freedom because some idiot in Texas wants to outlaw dildos.

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