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Tuesday, March 4 

Mil Bloggers, Here's Your Shot

Ranger Up, one of my most favorite sites in the entire world, is looking for new writers.
What we're looking for in a writer:

1) Good writing. Doesn't have to be Bill Shakespeare, but you have to be able to get your point across.

2) Biting sarcasm. We're assholes and we're looking for more assholes.

3) Factual writing.

4) Non-partisan - we don't want to push anyone's political agenda - we are pro-troops, pro-firemen, and pro-cops - period. Bashing politicians is definitely free game, but only as it relates to how their actions affect the armed forces or those that serve domestically.

5) Writing with some frequency. Once a week would be phenomenal. Twice a month is our expectation.
So, if you're ex military, can write and are a total smart-ass, this is the place for you to be seen.

If you've never visited their site before, you really have to read some of their work. If you are familiar with the military at all you will laugh your ass off. They are truly warrior poets.

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