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Saturday, February 16 

Why Wait, Get Your News Here First

Okay, I'm going to make my official presidential prediction here.

There are basically three candidates left in the race. Ron Paul never had a chance, and Huckabee picked up a few headlines, but he also has no chance. That leaves us with McCain, Hillary and Obama.

Hillary's campaign appears to be cracking up. I don't think she's going to be able to pull it out. I kind of hope she does, because I think McCain may actually stand a chance against her, but I really don't see it happening.

Obama scares me more than Hillary. Hillary is an opportunistic political beast who will do or say whatever it takes to stay in power. This means that she may believe in leftists ideals, but she's more than willing to jump the aisle to keep herself in power, much like Bill did in the 90s with NAFTA and GAT, to name a couple of examples.

Obama is, from few examples you can find out there, a true a believer. He is as far left as Karl Rove is far right. Obama will not be making deals to stay in power, he'll be forcing his leftists, pacifist agenda through no matter what.

The scary part is that he is young, good looking and charismatic. People are flocking to him because of these three things. He spends virtually no time actually laying out an agenda, but people don't care about that. They care about "Hope" and "Change" without ever checking into what we may be changing to.

When it comes to the general election, you're going to have a young, charismatic, energetic speaker across the stage from the crotchety old fart who looks like he should be yelling, "You damn kids get off my lawn." No contest. It doesn't really matter what the politics are, McCain is going to lose. And lose big.

At this point I am pretty much resigned to the fact that Barack Obama is going to be our next president. When he comes to power he is also going to increase the Democrat majority in the House and Senate.

The best I can hope for at this point is that he is a Jimmy Carter and leaves office after a single term.

Just remember folks, you read it here first.


Canada beckons?

C'mon... Obama is no worse or better than any of the republican candidates. At worst, he'll pull the US out of war it doesnt really want to win... at best, he pulls us out of a war without doing more damage than 8 years of facist warmongering have buried us in.

And don't bet the farm on a simple 4 year term... if Obama actually wins and one of your right wing nutjob friends doesn't assassinate him for being black or not being the kind of person who can be purchased like Bush, or for not being Christian... I think the world will change for the better.

Canada? hardly. I lived through 4 years of Carter, 8 of Clinton and a combined 12 of the Bush family. I think I can live through Obama just fine.

Obama scares me because of the programs he is actually advocating. Universal health care being one of the largest. You think spending went up under Bush, just wait until either Hillary or Obama has a shot at it with a complacent, Democratic congress. And you want to talk Fascists, wait until they get their universal health care. Then we see just how free America really is.

They'll be rationing your heating and air like they are attempting in the people's republic of Kalifornia; refusing to serve people in restaurants because of their weight, like they are attempting in Mississippi, and choosing who is worthy of what health care, like what is currently happening in the U.K.

Lucky for me i live in Hawaii where I do not use heating or air conditioning... and I can pretty much guarantee you that all your worries will evaporate much like the economic boon the rich have enjoyed under 8 years of Bush.

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