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Monday, May 14 

This Is What We Get

A 22-year old man punched a 91-year old WWII veteran in the head 21 times while people stood by and watched. And no one lifted a finger to help.
The victim, Leonard Sims, is bruised but says he's doing better every day. He was punched in the head 21 times, and was caught between his car door and the car next to his during the attack so he could not escape.

Sims told a local news report that the incident began when his assailant asked for a light.

"He kind of caught me off guard because when he came up and asked for a light, he punched me," Sims said.

A local police chief said the crime is "one of the most heinous" she's seen in years and is upset the bystanders did nothing.
This is what is becoming of our society. Some low-life attacks an old man in front of an audience, and instead of helping they stand around and watch. I'll be willing to bet that at least one of them captured it on their cell phone and it will show up on youtube, as well.

I would be willing to bet that at least one of the bystanders was scared to act out of fear of being sued afterwards. After all, look at what is happening to the people who blew the whistle on the flying Imams. They reported suspicious activity and now run the risk of having to spend who knows how much money to defend themselves from the very people who were acting suspiciously.

Or how about this case, in New Hampshire. A man drove his vehicle between and attacker and the police officer who had just been wounded. He picks up the officers sidearm and orders the attacker to disarm. When the assailant refuses to comply and moves to reload, this brave men then ventilates him. Instead of the city giving the man a parade, they had to debate about whether or not he would be charged with a crime. Inconceivable. (h/t Crotchety Old Bastard)

I don't care what your political affiliation is, some things are just common sense. If you see a 22-year old man beating a 91-year old man, you should act. You pull the attacker off of the old man, and if he continues to attack, you throw him a beating. If there are several of you, someone should call the cops while the rest of you beat his sorry ass for being stupid in public without a license.

What has happened to "Let's Roll"? Where is the rugged individualism that founded this country? What happened to "Don't tread on me"?

We've turned into a nation of spineless pussies. On 9/11 we were attacked, and now that we are taking the fight to our enemies, people want to bring the troops home and pretend everything will be okay. A 22-year old beats an old man, and people stand by and watch as if they are helpless to stop it.

Let me be clear, I don't think violence is the answer to everything, but sometimes violence is the only answer.

When you were in school and the class bully tried to take your lunch money, how did you respond? If you gave him your lunch money, he then took it every day for the rest of the year. If you stood up for yourself, and showed him that you were willing to fight him for the right to keep what was yours, most likely he backed down and left you alone. The same principle applies here.

Do you think this guy would have stopped if some feel-good, tree hugging peacenick had walked over and asked him to discuss his feelings? Or pointed out that he is only acting out because of his troubled past, and that if he would just reexamine his life, he would find a better outlet for his rage?

No, he wouldn't have stopped. I know this is not a popular view in the world today, but some people are just bad. They are evil, and they want to hurt others. It may be because they want to take what you have, or maybe they hate you because you don't belong to the same ethnic group, religion, or gender that they belong to. The reasons don't matter. What matters is that they will hurt you unless you show them that you will not be pushed around.

The next time this young punk is loose in Detroit and needs a few bucks, do you think he'll think twice about smacking around someone to get it? Why should he when no one was willing to stand up for what was right this time? Sure, he's in custody now, but how long before he's out? Some defense attorney is going to argue that his mother didn't breast feed him, and his dad abused him, and he was probably picked on in school, and he'll probably get less than a year in jail, if that. Then he'll be back on the street, looking for his next victim.

Apparently being a man who is willing to stand up for what is right has gone out of style in this country.


Agreed. Sometimes violence is the only answer. If I witnessed this young man beating the old man I personally wouldn't physically step-in because that would just create 2 victims instead of 1. What can I do? He'd just knock me over. But I would certainly try to do something call the police, encourage some other, stronger person nearby to step-in.

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