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Monday, May 14 

Genius In Action

Some of the staff of a Murfreesboro, TN elementary school staged a mock gun attack during a week long school trip last week.
Many of the children cried and hid under tables.

The assistant principal of Scales Elementary School said the incident lasted five minutes during a week long trip to a state park.

He said students and staff got together and discussed what they would have done in a real situation.
What kind of morons are we allowing to teach our children? I have a child in the 6th grade, and if she came home with a story like this there would be several steps to my reaction.

1. She would never set foot in that school again unless that administrator was removed.

2. I would visit this assistant principal's office and have a polite chat with him about the error of his ways. And by polite chat, I mean perhaps I would show up and shove the barrel of my .357 magnum down his throat until he wet himself. Then I would show him that it was unloaded and this was a "mock" attack. Then we would all have a good laugh and discuss ways that he could have reacted had it been a real attack.


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