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Thursday, May 31 

How To Win Friends And Influence People

You want to know what pisses me off about being a conservative? The fact that my political views are often interpreted as hate. I'm against affirmative action because I hate black people. I'm against the current immigration amnesty bill because I hate Hispanics. The list goes on and on.

If you want to see hate, you don't go to Republican rallies. Oh, I've seen lunatics at them, too. But they are the exception. But if you live in the south west, next time MEChA is having a rally, stop by and see how they're acting. The picture above is from a group of peace loving protesters on their way to L.A. on March 27, 2006 when they decided to stop and deface the flag at Montebello High School. Notice it wasn't the students of that school who did this, and the school had to go into lock-down because the protesters turned violent after the students wouldn't join in.

It reminds me of the idiots I saw in D.C. in March, protesting for peace while carrying Cuban flags and wearing Guevara on their shirts. I'm sure most of them couldn't tell you who he was, let alone anything about the thousands of people he slaughtered. But man does he look good on a t-shirt.

Some days I want to just say "fuck it" and stop thinking about politics. I've spent most of my life consumed by it, and it gets tiring at times. But then I look around me, at the people I love, and I wonder what would happen if enough of us just said, "fuck it" and stopped caring. Then the likes of the the social anarchists, or Code Pink, or ANSWER, or one of a million other barking moonbat will be deciding the fate of my children, and I'm not ready to turn our country over to them yet.

So I continue. I teach my children what I believe, and why. I talk to friends and neighbors and coworkers.* I write my congressmen, and I write my President. He may be trying to collectively bend over his base and give us a quick stiff one, but he's still our President, so I let him know what I think about, well, everything.

Is it going to change the world? Probably not, but it lets me sleep better at night.

*And by talking to these people, I really do mean just having conversations, and I usually don't start them. But if someone asks what I think about a subject, they better be prepared to actually hear my opinion, because once you invite me to proselytize, I'm all up in that stuff.

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I have never once believed that you were a racist. Insensitive, morally ambiguous, misguided? Yes. Racist? No.

Often times, especially when you post about border issues, you rarely make an effort to view the situation from the shoes of the other side. In this case, the migrants who cross illegally. They face a myriad of dangers just to come to the US, so they clearly are willing to risk a great deal for a chance at a better life. It is in the motivation of the majority that you find the truth Frank. A few people going and doing something stupid is not the best way to gauge the whole of the group. Just like I can't possibly condemn all regular army personal because some test below the average in IQ. Nor can I condemn all republicans because some of them are rich.

I find the whole debate about immigration laughable and when someone starts to reel off the litany of grievances, most of the time, it is in defense of patriotism. There is nothing patriotic about blaming illegals for the high crime rates. There aren't any very many illegal aliens in Washington and it has the highest crime rate in the country. Unless of course you want to lump in african americans as being illegal aliens.

A while ago, there was a story in the paper about your beloved minutemen... briefly, two migrant people were shot under mysterious circumstances in march of 2005 in the border region where the Minutemen had been patrolling. One was shot in Mexico and one was shot inside the US. Lest you believe that it was robbery, the victims were quick to point out that nothing was stolen from them. The strangest part of the story was that the assailants used laser scopes to target their victims. Earlier, a few minutemen were interviewed and a number of them had laser sights on rifles they carried. Interesting how perspective and a little ignorance can sway a person.

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