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Tuesday, May 29 

It's Good To Be Back

What? You didn't realize I was gone? Oh yeah, I never mentioned that, did I? Well, I spent the last 4 days out of the state, taking my daughters to visit my brother's family. We went to the pool, we got tan, we watched movies, and generally did anything except think about the news and/or politics.

Well, most of the time, anyway. My sister-in-law is a die-hard liberal feminist. So much so, that right after getting her master's, she promptly quit working to stay home and raise their son. When my daughter asked her if she was ever going to go back to work, she said something along the lines of, "I don't know. Probably not." Not that I can blame her. If someone making as much money as my brother offered to keep me up, I would jump at the chance as well.

Anyway, we did have one discussion about Iraq, the history of war as it pertains to America as well as the history of war in general. Before meeting my brother (who becomes more wussified all the time. He really needs to get out every once in a while) she had never met someone who was an actual conservative. My brother has become more of a George W. conservative, meaning he's gone soft on several issues, but he's also brought her around on some as well. At least she still allows him to own firearms and keep them in the house.

Besides that little discussion, I didn't watch any news, read any blogs, or do anything that would lead me to want to pimp slap anyone all weekend. I have to admit, it felt pretty good.

But I'll be back to the pimp slapping shortly.


Sounds like a total waste of a Master's degree.

Not working and being "kept up" really isn't all it's cracked up to be. So, if you ever do get the chance, trust me, don't jump. :-)

Sounds like a nice vacation though - welcome back!

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