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Wednesday, May 23 

The Thought Police Strike Again

A pair of 16-year-old girls face hate crime charges after they allegedly handed out anti-gay fliers targeting a classmate at their northern Illinois high school.
Earlier today, a judge rejected bond for one of the girls, citing her home environment and already lengthy juvenile record — 13 run-ins with the cops. Instead of home detention, the girl will be held at the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center while the case is pending, according to the Daily Herald.
Let me make this as plain as I can. This girl is in JAIL for exercising her first amendment right to free speech.

Now don't get me wrong, she's an idiot. And she's an idiot with a lengthy record who will probably end up back in jail for something else in a few years. However, in this instance, being arrested, let alone jailed, is ridiculous.

Okay, they handed out fliers depicting a male classmate kissing another boy. If that's all it takes to get arrested, I would never have made it out of elementary school.

This is just one more indication of what is wrong with America. We are too soft, and we are raising a generation of pussies. The boy probably got his feelings hurt. Hell, other kids probably taped copies of the flier to every locker he had, and I'm sure he never hears the end of it in the shower after p.e. Again, so what.

Are kids supposed to believe that no one is ever going to be mean to them in the world? That's what we're teaching them. If someone says something to you that makes you feel bad, why that's hate speech. We'll lock that little bitch up. We can't have anyone out there *gasp* thinking. Especially if they think homosexuality is something to be made fun of, because we just will. not. stand. for. that.

So what's next? We already see that Google is regulating what news sites are allowed to say about terrorists and Islam. Now teenagers aren't allowed to imply that a classmate is a homosexual, at least not with a negative connotation. And don't forget the kids who are in trouble for throwing bag with a ham steak in it onto a table near Somali Muslims. I can't believe they aren't in irons yet.

Let me tell you how we would have settled this when I was in school, which wasn't all that long ago. Okay, this year is my 20th reunion. Get off my lawn. Anyway, we would have found who made the fliers, and if it was a guy, he would have gotten his ass kicked. If it was a girl, I would have found a female friend to do it. Afterwards we would all meet up at some party and have a few beers and laugh and "Hey, remember that time you kicked ____'s ass because he made those fliers?" Instead, this kid will probably be in therapy for the foreseeable future, and will probably end up committing some ridiculous crime himself and blame it on the rage and shame he feels as a result of being picked on.

Fucking kids. Fucking thought police.

Get off my lawn.


Okay, they handed out fliers depicting a male classmate kissing another boy. If that's all it takes to get arrested, I would never have made it out of elementary school.

You have a daughter right? Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that some kid got a hold of pictures of your daughter undressed or in an embarassing situation. Now, lets say that same person decided to make fliers out of those images and had them out to all the kids in her school. Would you still feel the same?

This isn't an attack on freedoms. This is attempting to prevent the kind of grade-school hate that stems from discovering information that you don't fully understand.

This piece of shit clearly meant to incite others to action by creating those fliers. C'mon Frank, clearly you can see how instituting harsh penalties for such antagonistic and hate-oriented behavior.

found you through Dawn...

First, I agree with you in that society today is training a generation of kids to think that everyone is equal and that we don't need to compete with one another. Not only is that foolish, it goes against the most basic credo of "survival of the fittest". We are doing our children a great disservice if they grow up thinking that life is one big funtown where everyone gets along and is smiling every day...BUT (and the truth always comes after the word but)

I gotta agree with e on this one. You can't allow this type of hatred to go unchecked. This was just a malicious act you can't condone it. Yes, back in the "old days" you could have beaten the crap out of the other guy. These days this would result in your expulsion and a possible criminal charge.

Hi Steph, welcome to the party.

I agree that something should be done. I just don't know that putting a 16 year old in jail for handing out fliers is a proportionate response to the offense. Suspension, expulsion, community service, etc., would all seem to me to be better options than sticking a kid in juvenile detention, where she will only learn to be an even bigger drain on society.

thanks for the welcome.

i'm assuming the reason she got "time" is because of her other run ins with the law.

i actually was a volunteer mentor for two years at a juvenile detention facility. it wasn't as bad as you'd think...but obviously it wasn't good either. that was a view changing experience for me because I discovered that people who do bad things aren't always bad people...but that's probably a subject for a post sometime that I feel like being serious (which usually i'm not).

anywho i'm looking forward to reading your blog and the "civilized debates" between you and e.

Hi Frank,
If this had happened to just one girl in isolation, you could say it was because of her previous record. However, it's happening all over the free world. An 11-year-old boy and his family were harassed by the police because he called some kid 'gay' in an email. Others have been expelled from college for not going along with a 'day of silence' pro-gay day. Why this particular group in the community? Jail is harsh for pamphlet distribution. She didn't hire a hitman.

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