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Thursday, May 31 

And Now For Something Completely Different

I will be in Austin a few days next week. Anyone have any suggestions for the following topics?

Anything you consider a "must see"
Places to be avoided

I have a bit of a plan, but mostly it involved me bellying up to the bar and ordering a Shiner Bock, because I haven't had one since last time I was in Austin, which was 3 years ago.


Flores Mexican - two locations that I know of, both good. Superb salsa, great fajitas.

Texas Chili Parlor - downtown. Almost too iconish, but the Triple X chili is awesome. Get a bowl of rice on the side and work it into the chili. You'll be stuffed.

Green Mesquite BBQ - Barton Springs Rd., other side of the river from downtown. All of it's good, but I'm a brisket man.

Boozing on the patio at Shady Grove - down the road from Green Mesquite. People-watching at it's finest. Decent food, too.

Lots of good burger joints, if you're the type (like me) to find a good burger joint. Ask a local beefeater for their favorite, and you probably won't be disappointed.

I'm in Dallas all week, or we could try a meetup. Enjoy yourself.

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