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Wednesday, April 4 

When You Move Up This Mother F***er,
You Do It Expeditiously

Go read about a failed attack on our forces in Iraq. And see a portion of the video, from whence comes the title of this post, here.
The two SVBIED plan is for the first to breach the wall or knock out a tower, allowing the second to enter the OP's compound.

The only thing the SVBIEDs accomplished was creating a crater 25-feet deep and 70-feet in diameter 50 yards from the south wall of OP Omar.

If a coalition assault on an AQIZ base ever failed so miserably, the press and certain members of Congress would be in an uproar. But AQI doesn't hold press conferences and conflates the facts in its press releases.

No American service members were killed. Only one was wounded seriously enough to warrant a medevac--a large piece of shrapnel in his arm.

I expect as the debates rage in Congress, AQIZ will step up the rate of complex attacks.

The enemy was not able to dislodge the paratroopers of Blackfoot from OP Omar, but Congress may be more successful.

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