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Monday, April 2 

Updates From The Thugs

Iran, citing "positive changes" in Britain’s negotiating stance, won't air any more videos of British sailors.

In my estimation, the "positive changes" are that no one has bothered to bomb the living shite out of Iran, which is what they deserve.

Iran took American hostages and held them for over a year, with no recourse. They have now taken British hostages*, and are receiving some sternly worded protests from Tony Blair and Bush. Other than that, they are free to do pretty much whatever they want.

My question: Where is Rosie on this? She couldn't wait to point out how "mistreated" Kalid Mohamad appeared after his confession, where is the protest against mistreatment of British sailors? When is she going to rant and rave on that liberal propaganda machine The View that no sailor would make confessions like those which have been aired unless they had been coerced? When is she going to declare this "worse than Abu Ghraib"?

The easy answer is, never. Rosie, and those like her, are actively rooting for our enemies, and will never call the bad guys just that, bad guys.

Meanwhile, the British government is so hamstrung by leftists whackos in its own country that it can't even make a mock showing of strength, let alone actually do something to retrieve these sailors.

I'm sure Winston Churchill is somersaulting in his grave about now.

*yes, they are hostages. I don't care if CNN or any other major media outlet refuses to use that word, or puts it in quotes when they do. They are military personnel being held against their will and being used for propaganda by a foreign government. I think that fits the definition.

Update:To here to read a more in-depth analysis of the subject.


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