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Tuesday, April 3 

Maybe He Should Offer To Carpool With Al Gore

John Travolta, despite having a fleet of five private jets, wants you to do your bit to help with global warming.
Clocking up at least 30,000 flying miles in the past 12 months means he has produced an estimated 800 tons of carbon emissions – nearly 100 times the average Briton's tally.
And don't even get me started on his home. I wonder what his electric bill is, and how many carbon offsets Gore has offered to allow him to purchase.

Since Travolta owns a private 707, I think he should team up with Al Gore's team and they can go on tour together. One can promote his movie, the other can scare little kids. You make the decision of which is which.

Seriously, though, the hypocrisy of the Hollywood elitists (and yes, I include Gore in this) is amazing. They can jet around the world as many times as they like, but don't you dare buy an SUV. That would just be irresponsible.

I guess those thousands of miles of air travel are okay as long as they are using them to encourage those of us in the real world to reduce our impact on the environment.

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