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Wednesday, April 4 

Because This Is Definitely The Most Likely Scenario

A High School in Burlington Township held a mock terrorist attack to gauge the preparedness of the local police, faculty, and administration.
The mock terror attack involved two irate men armed with handguns who invaded the high school through the front door. They pretended to shoot several students in the hallway and then barricaded themselves in the media center with 10 student hostages.
Sounds plausible enough so far, giving what happened with the hostage situation in Russia.

I mean, there have been wave after wave of kidnappings and killings at the hands of Islamofascists over the last several years. It's no big stretch of the imagination to envision them trying something like that in this country.

Oh, wait. That's right. In today's politically correct world it's not nice to point out that the vast majority of the bad guys in today's world are 20-40 year old Muslim males. So when you have a mock terrorist attack, you need a new scape goat enemy.
Two Burlington Township police detectives portrayed the gunmen. Investigators described them as members of a right-wing fundamentalist group called the “New Crusaders” who don't believe in separation of church and state. The mock gunmen went to the school seeking justice because the daughter of one had been expelled for praying before class.
That's right, forget that whole Muslim extremists thing, the real enemy here are all those Christians ready to shoot you to protect the right of their children to pray at school.

Because, you know, there have been so many Christians rioting, blowing things up, and taking people hostage. It's alarming how we have let this go on so long.

How do so many people in this country not understand the threat that we are facing?

Hat tip to Righteous Indignation.


Hi Frank, just checked in briefly before I fly off to work...Thanks for the link and the blogrolling...I look forward to getting back to your site later in the day and reading up.
Keep up the good fight!

Well... anyone who believes in freedom of expression and freedom of speech probably has more to fear from christians than fundamentalist muslims. I would have to say yes... I am definitely of the mindset that christians who try to force their views on me and push to ignore the constitution of the United States (the one that mentions a separation between church and state fairly frequently... so often rational adults should come away with the idea that the framers of the constitution strongly believed that the government should not choose a state religion) by attempting to have the government sanction prayer in school are the bigger threat to peace in the US.

And if you want to get down to brass tacks, i would argue that less than 25% of the terrorist organizations on the planet are muslim (sheer numbers, I would argue the biggest terrorist organization is probably either IRA or Basque... although I would have to search through the CIA world book for the answer).

If you want to get down to brass tacks, Ed, the constitution never mentions a "separation of church and state". That phrase comes from a letter from President Jefferson to the Danburry Connecticut Baptist Association.

The constitution says that the government won't have an official state religion, and the government is not allowed to meddle in the free exercise of religion by the citizenry. There is nothing in there that says a person's religious beliefs should not guide their politics.

I am not going to argue that every single person who claims Christianity is pure of motive and wouldn't burn books and banish free thought. But if you want to see intolerance of thought, you should go to those bastions of free speech in this country referred to as Universities. Talk to any student who dares to doubt global warming, who may support Israel, or who wants to belong to a young Republican organization and see what they go through to exercise their free speech.

And I would take that bet on who is the largest terror organization. Between the various terror organizations, and the state sponsored terror from Syria, Lebanon and the like, I think I've got a pretty safe bet.

First, I am with you on global warming... but I have to disagree that muslims pose a greater threat to our way of life than the religious right... while the muslims are just as happy killing us of by the multitudes, the christians won't be happy until we are all christians... which to me, I would rather be dead than part of a religious group that has killed MILLIONS more than muslims have.

And as far as the constitution is concerned, you are correct there is no hard and fast paragraph that says, "separation of church and state" but it is a guiding principle of our country. It should not be ignored. I don't care if my government leaders are muslim, christian, hindu, pagan, or hari krishna... they should NOT force their religious views on to the population and should not use their religion to substantiate their actions... it goes against the very tenet of governing a body free from religious influence...

So, i stand by my original argument that christians are worse for the american way of life than muslims.

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