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Thursday, June 5 

Rich People Are Smarter

At least according to this U.K. researcher. The article is actually kind of interesting, but there was one line in it that caught my attention, and now I can't think about anything else.
Prof McManus, who once won an award for his study of testicles in ancient Greek sculpture,..."
He won an award for studying testicles in ancient Greek sculpture. I'll pause a moment to let you contemplate that.

1. How many times do you think his fellow researchers called him "Gay" after he announced this study?
2. How do you keep a straight face when standing before a committee to ask for money to "study testicles in ancient Greek sculpture"?
3. 20 - 1 that he's got at least one set of Greek testicles in his home somewhere. Probably on his nightstand.

I can't believe no one in this country ever thought to do this study.

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