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Monday, June 25 

I Just Threw Up In My Mouth A Little

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Okay, let me get this out of the way first; yes, it's cute. They played off the Soprano's finale, we all get it.

We can all appreciate Hillary as the gangster, staring down someone in a diner. Hell, just look at the long list of people who had their lives squashed during the Clinton Presidency. But does anyone for a second believe that these two ever actually sit down together and speak to each other civilly? Because that is one act I am just not buying.

Point number B. Bill Clinton is an ex-President of the United States. I didn't vote for him, but it doesn't change the fact that he was in the office. Now, can anyone tell me that they can picture any other ex-President doing a spot like this? Can you see George H. W. Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, or Nixon sitting in a diner and talking about Smashmouth?

Okay, Nixon said, "Sock it to me" on Laugh In, which is almost comparable. But somehow it seems a little classier. Maybe I'm just prejudiced because I always liked ol' Tricky Dick.

This is just one more in a long line of stunts for the Clintons to try to appear "cool". It started with Bill playing the saxophone on the Arsenio Hall show, followed by the infamous "boxers or briefs" question on MTV, and has culminated in this ad in which the mantle is being passed on to the next Clinton hopeful.

Hopefully we all have enough sense to vote for someone else. And by someone else, I really mean anyone but Hillary, D or R. Hell, I might even support a Ron Paul presidency over Hillary.


Hillary is a horrible person. She has the opportunity to reject the war doctrine outright, right now, and she chooses to wait it out because the longer the war drags on, the more chance people will vote Democrat in the general election.

You know, try as I might, it's really hard to turn the other cheek to the Democrats. They deserve to lose everything and be homeless jerks on the streets of Baghdad.

So, Ron Paul is the only one worth a crap. He's got my vote.

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