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Thursday, June 14 

I Wasn't Talking About Me.. Duh

You have GOT to read this story on Fox News about Angelina Jolie's dedication to freedom of the press. I mean, in her latest film she plays the wife of murdered journalist Daniel Pearl, so she's got to be pretty hip on freedom of the press, right? Oh, but the hypocrisy is thick on this one.
Reporters were asked to agree to "not ask Ms. Jolie any questions regarding her personal relationships. In the event Interviewer does ask Ms. Jolie any questions regarding her personal relationships, Ms. Jolie will have the right to immediately terminate the interview and leave."

The agreement also required that "the interview may only be used to promote the Picture. In no event may Interviewer or Media Outlet be entitled to run all or any portion of the interview in connection with any other story. ... The interview will not be used in a manner that is disparaging, demeaning, or derogatory to Ms. Jolie."

If that wasn't enough, Jolie also requires that if any of these things happen, "the tape of the interview will not be released to Interviewer." Such a violation, the signatory thus agrees, would "cause Jolie irreparable harm" and make it possible for her to sue the interviewer and seek a restraining order.
She makes interviewers sign a contract stipulating what they can ask her about and how the tape can be used, or she walks and takes the tape with her. The story also outlines how Angelina and Brad squashed the press while in Namibia for the birth of their daughter.

It's all fun and interesting stuff, and you should keep it in mind next time she is playing goodwill ambassador and pontificating on how the rest of us should act.

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I saw this earlier... and I am torn by it.

On the one hand, she is on a junket to promote a movie, not her private life. As voracious as the media has been lately to focus on the trivial (Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, insert tired old vagina flashing tramp here), wouldn't it be best of journalists actually focused on real news? Is what Jolie thinks about Jennifer Aniston news? Wouldn't it be better if these journalists who are there to interview her about the movie (and perhaps even the topic of journalism as it pertains to terrorism) focus on the actual movie and perhaps ignore her personal life?

I think gossip columns and papparazzi should be outlawed. It isn't news what these people publish... it is garbage that distracts us from real news.

As to the irony... I don't see it... she aims to curtail an invasion of her private life... the movie details the short life of one journalist who was killed by terrorists. They didn't do it because he wrote stories about him.. they did it because he was handy and he was an infidel. The movie is not about censorship or attempting to stifle the media... so there is no irony in Jolie choosing to keep the interviewers focused on the subject at hand imho.

i hafta disagree with you to some extent e celebrities know what they are getting into when they sign up, if they cant handle what comes with fame they should have never taken up this type of career. jollie from what i read in publications and online appears to be a master manipulator, not only the media but her personal life as well, but thats just hear say right? shes good at what she does, ill give her that.

I don't know, Salty, I mean Angelina Jollie is an actress. She signed up to act in movies not to have her private life on display for the world.

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