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Tuesday, June 12 

Eats, Shoots and Leaves

Okay, we've all seen the above example of how poor grammar can change the meaning of a sentence. Why, oh why is it so hard for news organizations to learn this lesson?

I was just reading this story about the idiots who beat a teenager to death over some text messages sent to someone's girlfriend. I clicked the link to read the story details, when I ran across this sentence.
A third teen with Jones and Bankston fled when the fight started to call for help.
So the teen fled after the fight started to call for help? When was the last time you heard a fight call for help? I've heard fights grunt and yell, but I've never heard one call for help. Uless it was calling for someone else to jump in and help kick this punk's ass.

I know I am not exactly the king of the English language, but come on, they get paid for producing work like this.

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