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Thursday, June 14 

These Are Not My Pants

I was going to wait until Friday to post this song, but after reading this post by Scott Chafin, I have to share it today.

Scott was posting about the idiot Roy Pearson, a judge, who is suing for getting the wrong pants at the Chinese laundry.
“These are not my pants,” Pearson recalled telling Chung when she handed him a pair of gray pants with cuffs. “I have in my adult life, with one exception, never worn pants with cuffs.”

“And she said, ‘These are your pants.’ ”

Pearson paused. He struggled to breathe deeply. He could not continue. Pearson blurted a request for a break, stood up, turned around and walked out of the courtroom, tears dripping from his full and reddened eyes
Reading the line "These are not my pants" I immediately began singing the song "These are not my pants" by Five Iron Frenzy. I'm sure most of you have never heard of them, but it's another one of my weird musical tastes.

I'm posting the video below, and you really need to listen to the entire thing. They go through half a dozen musical styles in the course of one song, and it absolutely cracks. me. up. I've watched this video, and you should forgo watching it. It's really, really bad. Just start it playing and then go on to something else while you listen to it. Trust me.

I've seen them in concert two or three times, and every time there will be at least one person in the audience wearing a white tee with "These are not my pants" scrawled across it. I'm telling you, it never gets old.

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