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Friday, June 15 

Friday Flashback

I was reading Seph!'s blog the other day, and she was discussing music. In the comments it was disclosed that she was a closet Neil Diamond fan. So I guess I should come out, too. Yes, I've been a life long fan. I'll not be throwing my boxers on stage, but I do enjoy his music.

So here, for your guilty pleasure, are a few of my favorites.

Sweet Caroline

Cracklin' Rosie

Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show

And of course, Coming To America

You may now point and laugh.

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I got my wife an iPod for her birthday and the first thing she did was load it up with Neil Diamond.

What a waste of great technology.

We're starting a movement...30 somethings coming out of the Neil Diamond closet.

Oh, no...

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