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Wednesday, May 16 

Run For The White House

I've not really posted about the candidates thus far because, quite frankly, the whole process is annoying.

However, now that two debates have passed, I'm going to give you my opinion on the field. Well, on the Republican side, anyway. I am paying even less attention to the donks then I am to the GOP right now.

Of the 10 candidates, Huckabee is closest to me politically. In a different time he would be the front runner, but in today's media centric politics he's relegated to "Who was that again?" status.

McCain is a dead candidate walking. He'll be out by the end of the year, if it takes that long.

Giuliani is the front runner right now, but his speaking style doesn't lend itself to the forum of the debate. He did get in a great shot at Rupaul last night, but the pit bull act doesn't fly well the rest of the time.

Romney is polling third, but he definitely comes off looking and sounding the most presidential in every venue, from debate to Leno.

The rest of the field may as well hit the bricks now and save themselves a lot of time and money. They are not going to be president this go 'round or any time in the conceivable future. Any one of them might make a great presidential candidate if a meteor hit the earth, killing every other viable candidate in America.

As it stands right now I'll be voting for Romney in the primaries. The Mormon question gave me pause for about five minutes, and then I got over it. His record as Governor and with the Salt Lake City Olympics show he is capable of leadership. He also would provide something to the GOP that we haven't had in a while; an articulate front man. I mean, I like W. I think he's a good guy trying to do what he thinks is best for the country, but he is not the best spokesman for our cause.

However, as you can tell by the "Blogs for Thompson" linkfest on the right, I've thrown my support behind the stealth candidacy of Fred Thompson. He consistently shows high in the polls, and he isn't even an announced candidate. When the time comes and he actually throws his hat into the ring, I think he's going to bring an entirely new dynamic to the race.

I would be very happy voting for any candidacy that has either Romney or Thompson at the top of the ticket. I'll vote for a Giuliani presidency if he wins the primary, but I'm having a hard time seeing that happen right now.

Update: I almost forgot to include Newt. I like Newt. I liked him as Speaker of the House, and he's a great Sunday morning pundit, but he's been breaking into Al Gore's stash if he thinks he'll ever be President. He has the skills, the plan, he's running a flawless stealth campaign, and he would be great at keeping the GOP in congress in line. But he won't win. Anyone else remember the ads of the 90s? Before they had Bush, the Dem's greatest target was Newt. He had his day and it has passed. He needs to stick to being the GOP's go to guy for making the Sunday Morning rounds.


I like a Thompson-Hagel ticket. I am too far apart on Giuliani's platform and I agree that McCain is a dead candidate.

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