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Tuesday, November 4 

That's All Folks

Just to remind everyone, I called it first back on February 16th.
At this point I am pretty much resigned to the fact that Barack Obama is going to be our next president. When he comes to power he is also going to increase the Democrat majority in the House and Senate.
But I will also remind you of this quote from the same post.
Obama is, from few examples you can find out there, a true a believer. He is as far left as Karl Rove is far right. Obama will not be making deals to stay in power, he'll be forcing his leftists, pacifist agenda through no matter what.
So when your taxes go up, your energy costs go up, and bad things happen to America, just remember you heard it from your old Uncle Frank first.

In other Frank news, anyone who calls America a racist nation from this point forward can kiss my hairy, white ass. Can we please move on now? I'm ready for my rainbows, unicorns and government cheese.

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Could be worse... Ralph Nader could have won.

If that were even close to a reality I would be quite drunk by now.

If that were close to reality I would ask that all voters QUIT drinking... before voting.

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