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Monday, October 27 

"Those" Liberals

I posted this is response to something Tom wrote, but my comment wouldn't publish. So here it is.

You've inspired me, I think I need my own list of qualifications about when I speak about "those liberals".

1. You think interrogating prisoners of war is out of bounds but advocate fratricide in the military.

2. You think the constitution should list the government's positive obligations toward the people.

3. Your primary emotion is outrage (I was going to link here, but feel free to read most any front page article on Daily KOS).

4. You repeat every bad thing any nutjob tells you.

5. You believe that the reason Democrats are going to lose this election are racism and voter intimidation.

6. You believe things that are obviously untrue.

7. You think the Daily Kos and Andrew Sullivan are reputable sources of anything.

8. You can't understand the difference between surrender (immediate withdraw) and changing tactics (the surge).

9. You think there are not large numbers of people born in this country, living under the freedoms provided by our constitution, who are violently against those very same freedoms, and who wouldn't mind seeing large numbers of Americans die to achieve the goal of overthrowing our current system of government.

10. You support a candidate whose entire campaign can be summed up with the phrase, "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."
Update: What the heck, let's add a few more to the list.

11. You think abortion is a constitutionally protected right, but owning a firearm isn't.

12. You think the best way to generate more federal income is to raise taxes or cut defense spending.

13. You think investigating Joe the Plumber's tax history is more important than investigating Obama's 20 year relationship with a self-confessed terrorist.

I'll add more as the day progresses. This is starting to be fun.


13 addendum: or Sarah Palin's wardrobe over Obama's socialistic ideas

I know you enjoy using the most derogatory names for people who disagree with your politics. Moonbats is just one of many I have seen here I believe.

The truth is, anyone with half a brain can simply use names to demean someone or something. It is by far the easiest way of arguing a position. I pretty much stopped reading your posts regularly when you stopped being intelligent and started using derogatory names to describe people whose ideas you disagreed with.

I still think you're a smart guy. Just don't think you build the same intelligent arguments that you used to fight with. And for me, that pretty much turns me off.

For every link you put up here bashing liberal views, anyone with access to google and a few choice keywords and phrases could easily post similar links and stories about Republican misdeeds. That's not intelligent argument though...

Where is the simple, fact based debate you used to be famous for? Why did arguing with simple-minded name calling and negative rhetoric become your favorite way to state and defend your position?

I miss the old Frank. The one that knew what he stood for and could intelligently argue a position without resorting to cheap tricks.

I still lurk... I just rarely chime in anymore because it became less about issues, and more about personal attacks. I don't care if you think Obama associates with terrorists. I care why you think McCain would be a better leader, how he would be a better lightning rod for change, to bring America back from both a social and political cesspool that it has become.

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