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Wednesday, October 15 

Liberal Escape Plan

Now this is funny. Liberals start planning now, just in case McCain somehow sneaks his way into the White House in November.

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And the only downside is thermal? Why didn't I do this in November 2008? Oh, yeah. I remember. It's because I love my country and stuck around to help try and undo the mistakes of the last 28 years. That's America. You don't plant bombs. You don't shoot people. You don't start wars to distract attention from the fact that you didn't "get" Osama bin Laden. You keep working within the system to make this a better place. When the Democratic Party tried to force Hillary down our throats we said "thanks, but no thanks to THAT bridge to nowhere." That said, the vid was great and in 8 years there will be one offering Mexico as the Conservative Paradise. No EPA regulations. Bribed official stay bribed. Plenty of cheap labor, etc. Wally

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