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Wednesday, October 1 

In Which I Forget That Politics Even Exist For A Few Minutes

So I finally took the plunge and upgraded my laptop to Windows Vista Ultimate last week. Why Ultimate, you ask? Shut up, that's why.

My impressions thus far; I love it and I hate it.

The good
  • My computer loads much faster on start up. That's even with me doing the ultimate No-No and actually running the upgrade over my XP Pro instead of wiping the hard drive clean and loading a fresh copy.

  • I love the Aero Interface. It's silly, I know, but little things like that make a difference.

  • Gadgets rock. I have two or three loaded that I am using just about every day, including watching the throughput on my network and watching the performance of my CPUs and Memory.

  • The instant search. It took me a couple of days to get used to it, but now I use it constantly to find programs and files. I'm a believer.

Now for the bad
  • I don't like the layout of the Start menu, or whatever you call it now. There are some things I use infrequently, and I spend too much time scrolling through the list of programs trying to find them because I can't remember what they're called.

  • Right Click, Run As Administrator can Kiss. My. Ass. I know it's a security thing, and I understand the reasoning behind it, but damn is it annoying. Half of the programs I run require me to be an administrator, mostly because I'm administering various servers, and those extra steps are starting to wear on my nerves. If I tell you that I'm the administrator, then give me the administrator rights and get the hell off my back about it.

  • I don't like the non-existence of the file tree when I Save As. There are too many extra steps to finding the folders where I want to save various documents, pictures, etc. If I was saving them all in My Documents, it wouldn't be a problem, but I have half a dozen network drives to deal with as well.

Well, I think that about wraps up my thoughts on Vista for now.

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