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Tuesday, October 14 

Bill Gates Has Pissed Me Off

Consider this my continuing adventure with Vista. I use the Windows Server 2003 admin pack to, you know, administer my 2003 servers. It keeps me from having to use remote desktop to do it or to actually get up and walk into the server room to do something stupid, like unlock a user account or change a password. I hit the little shortcut on my quick launch bar, do what I need to do, close it out and I'm back to what I was working on previously. Everything is good.

And then along came vista. First I couldn't get any of the admin pack tools to work at all. They all gave errors that the path was not found. Fine, I made new shortcuts and had them run with administrative privileges. Then I got the error that the MMC snapin couldn't be found. That's when I found out that the .dll's don't register properly in Vista, so you have to do that yourself. So I did.

Okay, now we're finally working. I can actually open up something useful, like Active Directory Users and Computers. However, it now has limited functionality, meaning I can't find a way to edit or create group policies.

Oh sure, I could download the Remote Server Administration Pack for Vista SP1, but wait! I'm not running Server 2008 yet, so it won't let me do that.

Why the fuck does Microsoft constantly do stupid things like this? You provide a free tool with your sever to make life simple for everyone and everyone loves it. Then you upgrade the OS and decide that free tool that everyone loves should just go away, or not work the way it always has.

I am not a happy man this morning.

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LOL... People can say what they will about XP, but at least they've had 8 years to fix the issues... hopefully it won't take another 8 years to get a fully functioning OS from Vista.

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