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Tuesday, June 10 

Marching Toward Socialism

Senators, in their infinite wisdom, are voting today about penalizing oil companies for making a profit. Or as they put it, taxing the hell out of the companies until they are left making a "reasonable" profit.

This is, in a word, asinine. This country is founded on freedom and capitalism. The freedom to do business and make a profit unfettered by a cumbersome central government. Before you get your panties in a wad, yes, I do believe in a certain amount of federal regulation, but that certain amount is much, much smaller than anything that these communists Senators are advocating.

Yesterday I was at my chiropractor's office when we began discussing oil prices. I, of course, advocating drilling domestically, building more refineries, building more nuclear reactors and finally pursuing alternative energy sources.

His response was to first spend what seemed like forever complaining about "excessive" oil profits, followed by his support for the windfall profit tax. Then came the bombshell.

"What we ought to do is what old Chavez has done. Tell them they've got 30 days to clean up their act and then we're going to nationalize the oil industry."

I stood there with my mouth hanging open, not believing that someone as seemingly well educated as this man is could advocate something like this.

I reminded him that we live in America, where you are not only free to start your own business, but should be encouraged to do so. And that once you have that business, you are free to make as much money as possible, enabling you to employ as many people as possible. I also pointed out that most everyone I know has money in 401ks or mutual funds that are invested in oil stock, which is making money for them for retirement.

I have another appointment with him tomorrow morning. When we're done, I'm going to push my point a little further. When it comes time to pay my bill, I'm going to point out that he has an office building with at least 5 rooms in it that aren't being used, he drives a German luxury car, and takes off two afternoons a week to go golfing. Obviously he is making too much profit, and as such I don't think I should have to pay as much as he's charging. I think $5 per visit is perfectly reasonable, and if he can't live on that, he should work all day, every day during the week. Because it's obvious that doing business the way that he is, he is making an obscene profit.

You think he'll get the point?

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