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Monday, November 10 

R.I.P. Free Speech In America

A black man wearing a shirt in support of Obama walked into a crowd of McCain / Palin supporters. The police sprang into action to protect this individual from being harmed by the crowd by first ordering him to leave and then arresting him when he pointed out he has a first amendment right to walk down the street wearing a shirt in support of his candidate. The crowd then broke out into a chant of "U.S.A." to show their pleasure at his arrest.

Oh wait, that was a white guy wearing a McCain / Palin shirt wading through a sea of Obama supporters.

But how fast do you think the ACLU, Al Sharpton and the rest would be all over this case if it were as I described in the first paragraph?

I, for one, welcome our new champions of anti-free speech overlords.

h/t Ace

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Actually, the ACLU's record in situations like this is unimpeachable. They defend everyone's right to free speech, even when the people whose speech is being impinged are to the right. Remember: they defended the Nazi's right to march through Skokie, Illinois. The ACLU also defended the privacy of Rush Limbaugh's medical records.

There are lots of people hypocritical about free speech. The ACLU is not among them.

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