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Tuesday, April 10 

They've Found Something To Fight For

At last, the Democratic candidates have found something they are willing to fight against. First Edwards pulled out of the September 23rd debate on Fox. Now Clinton and Obama have also pulled out, effectively killing the debate.
Well, Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have decided not to participate in the Democratic debate that the Congressional Black Caucus institute and Fox News channel had planned for September in Detroit.

Their decision follows that of John Edwards from last week. Mr. Edwards was the first to decline both this one and one that was canceled by Nevada Democrats after liberal activists and several of the most influential lib-blogs had mounted pressure against Fox for its conservative-leaning programming.
So basically, Democratic candidates are scared to appear on Fox, because who knows what would happen to them. I mean, Fox might paint red devil horns on each of the Democratic candidates heads. Or run subliminal messages in the crawl during the debate.

If Republicans had done this, there would have never been a debate in all of history. Can you imagine if Republicans refused to appear on PBS or CBS because of their left leaning ways?

In a Presidential debate, the stars of the show are.. wait for it.. wait for it.. the candidates. The moderators ask a question, and then shut the hell up. The only way the candidates would look bad on Fox would be if they actually stood up and articulated what they actually believe about any specific topic. But we're not in danger of that happening, that's for sure.

It's funny, Democrats will embrace every third world dictator or mass murderer they can get their hands on,

but G-d forbid you appear on a news station which may show anything more than just the Democrat party line. This is some of the most childish behavior I have ever seen.

If I ran Fox, I would have the debates anyway. And when it started, I would announce that the candidates were too afraid of direct questions to show up. I would then run every piece of film I could get my hand on showing each of them bowing and scraping to every thug the world has to offer. Maybe we could hire some of the actors from Jim Henson's Muppet Shop to create a character for each candidate who didn't show up, so they would be there to answer questions.

In the end, we see what these candidates are really made of. They won't support a fight against people who want to kill us, but they are more than ready to fight the evil powers at Fox News.

Because you have to draw the line somewhere.

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The Libs are so scared of a little confrontation. They can dish it out but they can't take it. But I think this is more about staging a protest. How much more can we marginalize and boycott anything that doesn't fit our agenda? Democracy's dreams of a free and open society are fading fast.

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