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Tuesday, April 17 

It Must Be Nice To Be This Stupid

Video from a Q&A in Britain. The woman questioning Bolton points out that her family has lived in Iraq for 30 years, and she has lost more relatives in the last 4 years than 30 under Saddam. This is, of course, met with wild applause from those brave Brits, who so recently managed to muster enough courage to thank Iran for not executing the sailors they held hostage.

Questions that should have been asked of her.

1. Your family wouldn't happen to be Sunni, would it?
2. Can you please explain the footage of all the Kurds who were being gassed by someone. We're going to assume it was Saddam, since he was in charge at the time.
3. Can you tell me who killed the tens of thousands of people that have been found in mass graves since the coalition started looking 4 years ago? I know Saddam was a peace loving dictator who would never have ordered anything like that. How, exactly, did the U.S. sneak in there, kill all those people, and get out without being detected?

It must be nice to go through life being that stupid. It would make life so much easier.

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